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Tell us a bit about yourself…how did you end up choosing

to be a hair stylist as your area of expertise?

I’ve been hairdressing now for over 10 years, I started out working in a salon environment, which I thoroughly enjoyed, although I have always appreciated being able to have creative freedom within my career. I found that being able to (work in a salon) as well as styling hair for Weddings was the perfect balance for myself as well as my business, which is when I made the decision to start Grace Roby Hair.

Wedding Hair Styling feels so natural to me, being trusted by brides to create their perfect wedding day hair is such an honor and I feel so blessed to be able to be present on one of the biggest days of someone’s lives. My individual Style of wedding hair is what my brides appreciate, it’s not just your traditional wedding hair, it’s a combination of romantic, undone with a little bit of modern, I keep things fun and current, each bride is so different and I like to tailor each look to the individual client.

How does it feel now looking back at where you started and where the brand is now ?

I sometimes have a ‘pinch myself’ moment, I feel really proud of the direction I have taken my brand. I started Grace Roby Hair as an Instagram page, it was a platform for me to share what I was working on with other industry creatives as well as weddings I was involved in, it’s now grown into a full time business as well as a full range of Natural Haircare and Styling products. I’ve also been lucky enough to have my work featured in some of Australia’s most well-known publications- White Magazine, Hello may, Modern Wedding Magazine, VOGUE , Lovestoned Bridal, SALT Magazine and Polkadotbride.

I’m still growing Grace Roby Hair by the day, I can’t wait to keep pushing the boundaries and see where Grace Roby Hair gets in 2021, this is just the beginning for me.

What is the process involved from start to finish when a bride books you.? I aim to make my booking process seamless and stress free.

A contact form will be filled out on my website

I will send through a personalised quote which includes a travel fee. A deposit will then be made which ensures the date is now booked. I will then spend some time speaking with the bride about a trial date and any other intimate details for the big day. We then have a trial and we sit down together and have a chat about what the bride wants and how she envisions her big day so we are on the same page with the result. I then send off a final invoice, Run sheet and instructions for the night before, then I just turn up bright and early on the wedding day and create some magic

Who are the creatives you look to for inspiration?

I would have to say it’s the creatives I work with on weddings, Editorials, people I meet on the job. I watch people of all ages, who have started businesses in this industry, and it makes me thrilled to be a part of such a great industry community. Speaking to like-minded people on a job gets creative juices flowing and is what brings out the best in people, in my opinion. We’re all there to do what we enjoy, it’s such a beautiful vibe, it never feels like work, it feels like a day spent with friends having fun and enjoying bouncing ideas off each other. I always walk away from working on a wedding or an editorial shoot feeling so creative and inspired, days like that, it’s what we live for. 

The best advice you were ever given, or a favourite quote that resonates?

pay your taxes haha!! That and ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’

That resonates with me as I really feel like what I do, it never feels like ‘work’

Do you offer trials before the wedding day?

Yes of course. I don’t book any weddings without doing a trial beforehand. This is a chance for my brides to meet me and get a feel of what I do and how I work. I want my brides experience from start to finish to be seamless and harmonious. The trial also gives the Bride a chance to go over a few different styles if they are a little unsure of what look they do want to secure for the day. We work together to tailor a look to each individual to accentuate their favourite features. I never let a bride walk out of her trial feeling unsure, We make sure we know exactly what is happening with her hair on the wedding day.

What’s your advice in finding the right hairstylist for your wedding?

I believe it’s critical finding someone you feel comfortable with as you will spend your whole wedding morning with this person, right up until the moment before you walk down the aisle. Having a good energy in that room while you’re getting ready is so imperative. You will also want to look and feel your best so finding an individual you trust, Who’s work you love and believe in, is also of upmost importance. I consider that each individual is so different which is why I tailor my work to suit the Bride I am working with at that time, I want my brides to feel calm and taken care of, I take pride in the professionalism I deliver to each individual client.

What’s your most memorable wedding to date so far and why?

We want to know all the details?

I truly believe that every wedding is so beautiful in its own right. Although one of my brides had an Elvis impersonator!!!

I’ve done a wedding in a heritage house that looked like something from McLeod’s Daughters, I’ve done weddings in Queensland with teepee glamping tents for all their guests to stay, I’ve done weddings with 450 guests and weddings with 10 guests. Each wedding is so different but I love them all.

What’s on the horizon for GRH. Do you have a full year

ahead and bookings that involve travel etc?

2020 has been a hard year for the wedding industry, although that hasn’t stopped me from getting creative. I launched my own natural product line at the start of this year, Grace Roby Hair Haircare, (head over to my Instagram to order) I’ve been a part of some of the most incredible editorial shoots and been involved in some unbelievable elopement style weddings. 2021 is going to be extremely busy and I cannot wait, Bring it on- and watch this space, I have some exciting things happening as well.




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