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After a highly anticipated wait, brides the world over excite as the Australian bridal brand introduces their most divine collection yet.

...E L Y S I A N...


The ‘Elysian’ campaign, inspired by Founder and Creative Director, Megan Ziems’ passion for music, poetry and nature, features 11 new gowns alongside an exclusive range of apparel and accessories.

Elysian, meaning beautiful and creative, peaceful and perfect, divinely inspired; is an exploration of stillness and the most innocent form of creativity; imagination. The new collection features buttery soft, stretch crepe, intricately layered Italian tulle, new laces and trims and expert hand-craftsmanship. The gowns of Elysian have all been designed in-house by Megan and Head Designer, Rosie Keating. The entire collection will be made to order by the brand’s skilled production and manufacturing team based on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“The level of detail in these gowns is really special and elevated. We’ve included very high-end detailing and we’ve focused heavily on hand-craftsmanship – every gown has its own considered details like silk cover buttons or hand-cut lace applique. The detail is even down to the smaller things like our 3D lace motifs, all of these have been meticulously hand-cut and hand-placed onto each gown.” Ziems said.

Keating worked closely alongside Ziems and the development team, crafting exciting fabric combinations, including stretch crepe and abstract lace. “Rosie and I work very closely with our talented development team. We are extremely creative and experimental in our fit process; we are always testing finishes and details. We edit, and edit, and edit, for months on end. So, the collection goes from about 50 gowns to 11 gowns over a 12-month period,” said Ziems.

From billowy skirts layered with soft Italian tulle, to the incredibly supportive crepe gowns that took Ziems years to source the perfect fabric for; the duo’s aim was to give women the world over a highly diverse offering. “Finding the perfect crepe was a project of its own. We studied everything; weight, finish, stretch and colour tone all while ensuring it had to be high-quality, flattering and comfortable. We wanted it to be that incredibly buttery, milky, supple crepe, while also being thick, supportive and mouldable,” Ziems said.

The gowns of Elysian also inspired the development of an exclusive collection of chic, new accessories, purposefully designed for the brides of today. “We set out to give bridal accessories their moment in the sun. It’s usually all about the dress – and rightly so! But we are always looking to give brides the opportunity to style their wedding gowns to ultimately reflect who they are. These designs are comfortable, purposeful and ultra-chic. Total statement pieces!” said Ziems.

The stunning campaign was shot at Ziems’ very own farmhouse property – peacefully nestled in Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast hinterland – a place completely unique to the brand. The gorgeous estate is surrounded by lush, green native Australian flora. Ziems creatively launched the Elysian campaign with a ballet film titled ‘Prelude’, an artistic piece that reiterates the brand’s core value; “luxury you can dance in.” “Prelude was a creative release for me to express the vision and inspiration I had during lockdown. It allowed me to focus purely on the art of music and dance — two of my biggest sources of inspiration,” said Ziems.

The addition of bridal hats, bags and backpacks are designs that the bridal world hasn’t seen modernised in quite some time. “We absolutely love the hat concept. Bridal hats were a thing many, many decades ago, but no one has modernised them!” Ziems said. When it came to crafting bags and backpacks, function was at the forefront of Ziems’ thinking. “I remember back on my wedding day – almost 10 years ago - I didn’t have a bag that I could put my lippy, perfume or phone in. The Bridal Backpack is a cool, chic solution for brides,” said Ziems.

When it came to the campaign itself, Ziems was set on creating a personal and authentic piece shot at home. From models, through to working with renowned fashion photographer, Pierre Toussaint, every element of this campaign was highly considered.

The collection marks ten years since Ziems started Grace Loves Lace, after a frustrating search for a dress for her own wedding. The Queensland-based entrepreneur set out to revolutionise how wedding dresses were designed and sold, liberating women from the traditional bridal shopping experience through an innovative e-commerce model. The company has now expanded to 11 showrooms globally, a booming e-commerce shopfront, and the bridal giant is showing shows no signs of slowing down.

“We have always designed for The Woman - not the ‘bride’. Our customer really values authenticity and innovation. Elysian, I feel, perfectly shows how we break down the bounds of tradition,” said Ziems. The gowns – which range from $2,100 to $4,200 - are now available to order on the Grace Loves Lace website and at the brand’s eleven international showrooms.




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