Elle & Marcel

WEDDING DATE | December 21st, 2018



We met through our mutual friend Anne (she is the pregnant one on the grooms side). This could be the first time in history that a groomsmen team has a pregnant female.

Anyway we somehow all ended up at an afterparty together and stayed up late chatting… he had just come from a dress up party and he was dressed up like Austin powers with a crazy wig on so I didn’t quite realize how handsome he was at that point. Over the next few weeks I kept hearing from a few different people that he was into me…  We then saw each other again at Anne birthday – 5thOctober 2009. We all went to Park Life music festival! We were at a stage where Crystal Castles were playing when we spotted each other amongst the crowd. That’s when our first kiss took place and we’ve been inseparable ever since.


Cel proposed to me on the side of a cliff at Barrenjoey Headland near the lighthouse! We just were going for a jog up there I thought! After almost 10 years of hoping. It happened. He dropped down on one knee and whipped out the most perfect beautiful ring I could ever imagine, and asked me if I would marry him. I was completely gob smacked and lost for words. The last 6 months of all the efforts he had made to hide what he planning flashed through my head and it all made sense. I was so happy and relieved I started to cry…And then said yes. He then had another surprise for me! He had arranged with all my colleagues for me to have the day off work/and next 7 days…and had a seaplane organized to fly us into Rose Bay for lunch at Catalina restaurant, and then a night at Hyatt hotel, and then off to our favourite spot Uluwatu, Bali to celebrate! It was absolutely MAGIC!


Marriage to me means a decision between two people to tackle life together until the end of your days. A confirmation that someone loves you just as much as you love him. And the wedding day is a big celebration of those 2 people being lucky enough to find each other and share such deep love.


My girls and I hired a beautiful house on the water that was on the same beach as my ceremony… so we didn’t need transport we just walked to the ceremony as it was so close. I invited all my friends to get ready with me there – not just the bridesmaids. We organized grazing tables for the guys house and ours to feed us. The guys got ready at my house @apeaceofparadise which is also on the water and their mode of transport to the ceremony location was our boat @Glory.b.experience


My dress was by Berta! I am still so in love with it. It was one of the first ones I tried on. I chose my dress because it was insanely detailed and extravagant but not huge with miles of fabric. I wanted to look spectacular but not too drastic and over the top. It had a plunging neckline and a very low back. The fabric was really sheer so you could actually see the silhouette of my legs underneath and it had a tone of intricate beading all over so it covered me the appropriate places – it was perfect.


As I had really splurged on the dress I just chose to wear cheap shoes that I bought from Rubi Shoes. They were tanned patent leather sandals.


The was the hardest part of my planning! I researched all year long but couldn’t find anything I liked so I just had them made in Bali. My beautiful friend Madeline Relph project managed them as she lives over there. I chose the fabric and came up with the style all over Facetime. They were slightly off-white silk slip dresses. They have a cowell neckline and a low back with really thin straps. They were so beautiful and elegant and exactly what I wanted.


They just wore the same sandals as me from Rubi.


I had my girlfriends do my hair. They just blow-dried a gentle wave and then braided around the top like a Viking princess! My makeup was super natural. I don’t feel like me when my freckles are covered up with foundation so I just had a bit of bronzer and then a red/bronze eyeshadow. I had lash extensions so didn’t need mascara. It was very simple. My bridesmaids were the same. Only bronzer but their eyes were done with a cat eye flick.


The dresses were from JJshouse – they had a big bow at the back, silk with tulle.

The Paige boys just had a white linen shirt and white denim shorts from Zara kids.


I am obsessed with my wedding rings from Natalie Marie Jeweler in Avalon. Both our rings are rose gold to match.  My engagement ring has 3 round diamonds, the biggest one in the middle is a grey diamond and the wedding band is 5 little pear shaped diamonds that a like a crown. My husbands ring is a signet ring with a tiny purple sapphire in the middl


I chose to keep it really simple on the jewelry front as my dress was so extravagant. Apart from my ring I just wore earrings by my friends label, The Calm. They are naturally shaped freshwater pearls. Super unique and beautiful.


The entire Groomsmen outfit was by Zara. Suit, shirt and shoes! I was set out to find linen shirts with no collar and happen to find the perfect ones from an affordable place!


My flowers were amazing!!! They were done by Holly Hipwell – The Flower Drum. I was inspired by Pinterest and chose all white to tie in with my wedding theme.


I walked from the house I was getting ready at to the ceremony.. it was so close. My husband arrived by our boat – Glory B. We then got a big bus to take us all home to our house for the after party.


Our ceremony was on the sand at Station Beach in Palm Beach. This place was symbolic to us because we have built our life here – in Pittwater. We have so many memories and are passionate about being out on the water, swimming, boating, paddle boarding, lazing in the sun. And The view looking straight up the middle towards lion island is just so pretty! The reception was at The Palm Beach Boathouse… 100m up from where the ceremony was, again because its right on the water.


“Two Thousand & Seventeen by Four Tet” then “Reckoner by Radiohead” were our ceremony songs.

We then played “I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis” as our recessional song.

Our first dance song was a casual fun dance to “Sonnentanz – Sun Don’t Shine by Klangkarussell”.


Before I walked up the isle, my husbands father played live music with his cousin, who are both musicians professionally. Then for the walking up the isle part we played our favourite songs over the speakers. At the reception, we hired a band called Martini Club. They are a really cool flamenco, guitar, and trumpet kind of band. For in between the Martini Club sets we had a playlist prepared that the venue played over their speakers.


We chose Bronwyn Hixson because she is a humble gentle Avalon lady. She is also one of the groomsmen’s aunties so it was nice having that connection.


I planned and came up with the concept of everything myself.

Excel spreadsheets made it all easy and kept track of everything.


My ceremony styling was absolutely beautiful! I appointed Corey from Styled by Her for this as her style is natural colour palettes and not much colour. So she used a lot of dried palms and white flowers. It was very rustic and beachy – it was really something else! We had little white fisherman stools and a natural coloured cissel rug up the middle for the isle. We also served Chandon S at our ceremony and went to a lot of effort to specifically have these beautiful crystal champagne flutes for everyone. That really set the mood! We also had an oyster bar and shuckers/served in giant clam shells. It was all just stunning! The boathouse venue has their own signature style so we didn’t have to plan anything there. My only request was to have all white flowers which they did!


We had a white wedding theme. I was actually inspired by one of my girlfriend’s older sister who had a white wedding a few years ago. Ever since that I just I knew that’s what I would be doing if I were to ever get married.


My best friends (one of my bridesmaids) mother made my cake. It was white chocolate with 2 tiers and had white flowers all over it. It was divine!


We served oysters and Champagne at the ceremony. When we arrived at the reception we got a cocktail on arrival and then tapas were served all night, then we had a big paella for anyone still hungry at the end. It was a cocktail style wedding.


We gave our guests a small jar of his Grandma Suzie’s special recipe of hot chili sauce. Marcels heritage is Mauritian and this secret has been in the family forever. We thought that was a really nice personal touch. Marcel spoke about this chili in his speech and asked all our guests to acknowledge the feeling they’ll get when they taste it as it is the burning feeling of love he has for me. It was the best!


I just sent out 1 invitation on a textured white thick square piece of paper. The words and info were pressed into the paper as opposed to using ink. The company I used was - thelittlepress.net


We had a wishing well. This was really helpful since wedding are so expensive! The most memorable gift was from one of my bridesmaids – Kelly. She is a photographer and did a photo shoot of me in sexy underwear that the girls all bought me at my hens party. She then had the photos published into a professional album and gave it to him on our wedding day.


I did a lot of research. Photos have to be the most important thing! I chose Eddie Blake from Ripple Photography. I liked his style the best because all his images had this amazing warmth about them. The vibe and tone of his images just made me feel happy. He is a master of capturing each moment in an authentic way and our photos were absolutely incredible, they were everything I had hoped for. The man himself is an absolute legend too!


Eddie from Ripple did my videography – it is simply amazing! The groomsmen arrived to the ceremony by boat – Glory B. So the tricky part there was that we had the film crew on a tender boat driving around the big boat with all the boys capturing it all. It was epic! Our only request with the actual video was to use significant songs that were played on our wedding day and the music to our video.


“Styled by her” and Eddie from “Ripple Photography”!


A particularly memorable moment from our wedding day was when we re-entered the venue after having the bridal party photos, our MC had everyone create a tunnel for us to run through and at the end everyone put my husband and I on their shoulders and danced around celebrating.


Try and take it all in and be present on the day. It all goes soooo quickly! Plan to take time out with your husband for you to reflect on everything. Even just 10 minutes!


We have not had our honey moon yet but we are going to Greece and Italy in June. We had a mini moon for 5 day straight after the wedding on our boat, Glory B and moored around the basin area (Pittwater) as well as around Manly area so we could go out to cool restaurants each day/night.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ripple Wedding |VIDEOGRAPHER: Ripple Film |BRIDE'S DRESS: Berta | BRIDE’S SHOES: Rubi | BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Designed in Bali by Madeline Relph | BRIDESMAIDS SHOES: Rubi | FLOWERGIRLS/PAGEBOYS: JJshouse.com.au Zara kids @zarakids |

GROOMS FORMAL WEAR: Zara | WEDDING RINGS: Natalie Marie | JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: The Calm | HAIR: Friends | MAKEUP: Monique Lawler | STATIONERY/INVITATIONS/SIGNAGE: The Little Press | FLORIST: The Flower Drum |TRANSPORT: The Glory B Experience @glory.b.experience| ACCOMADATION: A Peace of Paradise | WEDDING VENUE: Station Beach Palm Beach then to The Palm Beach Boathouse | WEDDING STYLIST: Styled By Her (Corey) |

WEDDING PLANNER: Elle Dupont-Louis @elledupontlouis | CELEBRANT:Bronwyn Hixson |

ENTERTAINMENT:  Marcels dad at the ceremony and then Martini club at reception |