Designer File with Paige Tuzee

We are so excited to share with you our interview with Paige Tuzée and her stationary brand that is taking over the Australian market.

Paige Tuzée is based in Western Australia, Home to some of the most talented local designers emerging from Australia atm.

Paige Tuzée Designs specialises in wedding invitation suites. Her style is unique and original, whether you want something traditional or modern. Paige is consistently innovating her style to remain aligned with the current industry trends.

PT suites can include (but are not limited to) the invitation, RSVP cards, gift cards, details cards, thank you cards, envelope lettering / printing, on the day stationery (name cards, signage, menus) and more. Not only does their wedding stationery packages include all of the above we also arrange all printing services to make the lead up to your wedding day easier.


Take us back us back to the beginning, where does your story begin?

I have always loved lettering and design and always knew that this is what I wanted to do. I graduated from university with a degree in Graphic Design + Creative Advertising in 2014. Following that, I started out doing very casual jobs here and there, mostly for people I knew. Before I knew it things were really taking off, getting busier and busier, to the point where it is now a full time job. I think part of my success comes from that I actually just love what I do, and a lot of the time it feels like a hobby rather than work! 

How long has the business been running?

Since 2014, so 5 years now!

What does a typical day sound like when you’re in the studio?

I’ve never been a morning person, so my day only starts around 9am (when I finally stop snoozing my alarm and roll out of bed down to the home office!) I always check all of my emails first thing, just to make sure there hasn’t been a client crisis over night, then I can enjoy my avocado toast and coffee in peace. The rest of the morning usually consists of sending off design proofs and revisions and sending jobs off to print. The afternoon is usually spent picking up printing, packing, and running off to the post office! Majority of my clients are from the eastern states so the post office is my second home!

Tell us some more about the process that goes into making personalised stationary?

Typography and illustration are my two strengths and are the parts of design that I love the most. I try to incorporate these two aspects of design into any job to push my creativity and be as unique as possible. A lot of people don’t realise, because there are so many script fonts out there these days, but all of my script is done by hand which is how I separate myself from the market. Every job is personally tailored to that couple and their style and aesthetic.

What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out and attract your clients

“Minimal luxe” I feel describes my brand perfectly. I love a minimal design with plenty of white space, with touches of handwritten or illustrated elements that that compliment and enhance a minimal design. I am mostly known for my typography. All of my designs contain some sort of hand lettered text, whether it is the feature of the design or a smaller detail. I also LOVE printing and I feel it always takes a design to a whole new level. You can be so creative with printing, with all of the different paper stocks and print finishes available these days. A design on screen is beautiful, but it is truely brought to life through the textures and finishes in which it is printed. This is what gives the design character and personality.

Who is the “  PAIGE TUZEE  ”

Well….. I’m left handed, I can be shy, I love my own space. I enjoy choccy almonds, warm evenings, drinking wine and sleeping in. I am a little OCD when it comes to organisation. My wardrobe may or may not be colour coded.. I am a perfectionist. 

My last name is pronounced too-zay. My heritage is Dutch, my parents were born in South Africa and I was born in Australia. I travel a lot. It has been a big part of my childhood with our family being spread all over the world. My parents have always taught us the value of travelling.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I am so blessed that I get to call my hobby a job. I am forever grateful for social media platforms that allow me to share my passion with the world.

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

I love creatives like Jasmine Dowling, I have been following her forever and love that she has such a strong personal aesthetic and brand.

The best part of designing Stationary?

Receiving a batch of printed goods fresh off the press is like christmas morning to me - I’m such a paper nut I get way too excited about these little things. 

Your most memorable moment of business so far to date?

Off the top of my head I can’t really think of just one moment, but in general I love that I am constantly apart of a new phase of someone’s life, whether it be marriage, creating the brand and aesthetic of a startup business or helping an existing business refresh their look, it is always an exciting time in the client’s life and it is so rewarding to be a part of that!




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