Designer Interview with Sunday Lane

We have been following Sunday Lane’s journey for over the past year.

We first fell in love with her custom prints for women and how they not only empowered each woman to be true to themselves but how they were also the perfect gift to offer to that special lady in your life, and what we feel is the ultimate bridesmaid gift. We have since watched Sunday Lane grow their brand and range of gifts, and in the last month successfully open up a store front.

We are so grateful to have the designer and owner Caitlyn do an interview with us and give us an insight into her brand.

+ if you have some spare time go stalk their instagram @sundaylane, you will get lost amongst it for ours and be inspired like there is no tomorrow.


A believer in creating and sourcing rare, beautiful products, Sunday Lane is a store and studio born out of love and wild dreams, brought to life by Caitlyn Everett. The Sunday Lane brand was originally a personal project which has organically grown into an entire online collection of both print and product that are stocked in over 30 stores across Australia.

’These words move beyond the meaning of star signs, rather inspiring affirmation as a persistent and inspirational practice we all need a little more of.’ - Willow Speaks.

Sunday Lane is filled with a collection of globally sourced homewares, furniture, jewellery and gifts, inspired by effortless beauty and a variety of neutral, earthy tones. Based in Sandgate, the store captures the magic of handmade details and offers a unique mix of uncomplicated, effortless designs for the home and life.

Take us back us back to the beginning, where does your story begin?

 I was working full time in an amazing job, managing a homewares store in Brisbane. I had been there for nearly three years and I was honestly so happy. I wasn’t really searching for anything more. Sunday Lane began as a personal project, I designed something for myself and posted it on Instagram and next thing I knew girls were literally sending my their card details and I was posting orders every single day in my lunch break and after work. 

How long has the business been running?

Just over a year and a half that feels like forever and no time all at once.

What does a typical day sound like when you’re in the studio?

There is no such thing as a typical day when you have a 6 month old! We are lucky that Sunday Lane can support us both so every day is a juggling act. Matt runs all the wholesale and online orders and I do the rest. 

You have just opened up a shopfront, this is pretty major, tell us about what drove this decision?

We opened on the 27th of April and honestly I’ve never felt so vulnerable and excited and blessed in my life. It was definitely in the 5 year plan, I knew I wanted a Sunday Lane Store and I definitely felt like there was a real gap in the market in our area. The perfect space came available and the rest was history.

Tell us some more about the process that goes into making your prints and choosing stock for the store?

Choosing stock for the store is simple, now that I have a really amazing collection of suppliers I choose pieces I think are special, or unique and are something I would want for myself or to gift to someone I love. Everything in our store is so carefully chosen by me. The prints are something I don't have a lot of control over. I don't like to sit down and force myself to write because I know it will feel rehearsed or ingenuine. Our collections are words that have come naturally to me, when I felt inspired or something sparked my creativity and it just flowed out of me. 

Who is the “  SUNDAY LANE GAL   ” and how would you describe her ?

 I would love to say the Sunday Lane woman is confident, bold and sure of herself but I think she is probably a version of myself since I am the voice behind the brand and I certainly am not always those things. I think she can undervalue herself, she doesn't always appreciate her strengths or her weaknesses. Something I think most women are guilty of. 

What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out to attract your clients?

I get a lot of people thanking me for inspiring them, for redirecting them on a new path or for allowing them to say the things they could never properly put into words to someone they love and I think it's the rawness of what we put out into the world that really resonates with people.

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

Sunday Lane has allowed me to meet and work alongside some of the most amazing women. Women I adore, women who wake up each morning and inspire me to be better, push harder. Women who like myself, make mistakes, learn lessons and through it all, thrive.

Your most memorable moment of business so far to date?

Oh god I don't know how I would choose, I feel like I have been so blessed in such a short amount of time. I think working alongside Spell on two occasions now has been pretty special. When a brand like theirs that I adore and admire reaches out to me I have to pinch myself. I think on an even more basic level realising I created something people genuinely love, that literally over 30 business' continuously support and stock in their own stores is unbelievable. 




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