Designer Interview Louise Jean

- Take us back to the beginning, where does your story begin?

I often joke that starting a jewellery business was an accident, but I have always had a natural love and desire to create. I was a freelance fashion photographer and started looking for a more ‘hands-on’ craft.

I have always been drawn to the timeless and sentimental nature of fine jewellery, so I taught myself how to silver/gold smith and decided to start an Instagram account to share my creations. As a little girl, I also had a never-ending collection of gemstones, the metaphysical meaning behind these always intrigued and inspired me.

After years of exploration and learning my jewellery gained a bit of traction, fast forward a few years of extremely hard work and passion - and here we are!

- How long has the business been running?

This officially began in 2013 but I ventured into Bespoke/Bridal jewellery in 2016. Instagram is truly a powerful platform and is really what got my designs out there and allowed Louise Jean to evolve into what it is today! 

- What does a typical day sound like when you’re in the studio/office?

A significant portion of my time is spent overseeing the creative direction of the business. So designing, gem sourcing, and content management. Until recently, I handled the majority of the customer service emails and appointments - it was quite a juggle so now it’s great to focus on my strengths.

- Now tell us all about the added extras that go into the job behind the scenes

that we all hate but secretly love, that brides often forget?

( time to make the rings, selection of stones etc.

I wouldn’t say there’s a side I hate but one thing people often forget is that crafted jewellery takes time. We are people, not machines. So don’t lock in a proposal plan before you have the ring. The same for a wedding band - ensure enough time and order well ahead of your wedding date. Some people can also be a little ‘text book’ when it comes to diamond education and what they think determines a beautiful stone - so many amazing diamonds can be overlooked simply because of their predetermined grading criteria. When people have an open and trusting approach it makes the process much easier for all involved.

- Tell us some more about the process that goes into making a ring? ( fist initial consult, colour selection shape etc?)

This process varies from client to client and subject to the piece we are creating. A significant portion of our customers are via online correspondence. It’s an extremely collaborative process to ensure the client knows exactly what they are getting from concept to completion. This includes the design stages and the stone sourcing and selection process.

Our showroom on the Sunshine Coast is also a great way for those who don’t necessarily know what they want yet - so viewing and trying our pieces on in person is a great place to start for many!

- Who is the “  LOUISE JEAN GIRL ” and how would you describe her ?

We meet so many beautiful women and one thing I always notice (whether it is via email or consultation) is how laid-back, warm and trusting they are. Our customers mostly come to us for their Ceremonial rings as they are drawn to the aestiscal and simple nature of our designs.

- What is your daily inspiration?

I’m inspired when I am surrounded by nature - living and having our showroom right near the beach really kick starts my day and puts me into a great headspace.

I’m quite detail-orientated so I am often drawn and inspired by the finer details of things - particularly when it comes to designing with gems.

- The best part of designing a ring?

Sourcing the stones, which is predominantly what I do! Each stone is sourced or chosen specially for each client based on their unique requirements and vision. 

Seeing the stone in the finished piece and on the hand of the person it was designed for is a truly magical feeling. It will never get old.

- Your most memorable moment of business so far to date?

As cheesy as this sounds, I am constantly hit with moments of gratitude. Over the past few years I have travelled overseas to gemstone conventions to meet new suppliers for our design inventory. This has opened so many opportunities and connections for the brand. Obviously creating a beautiful showroom on the Sunshine Coast where we can meet and share our pieces with many of our past and present clients is a major ‘pinch-me’ achievement

I am most proud of my amazing small team. We recently went from 2 employees to a strong team of 4 (many people do not realise how small we are). 

- Whats in stall for LJ, any new collections or designs, trunk shows etc?

Ooooo so much! Right now we are designing a customisable Fine earring and Bridal jewellery range. Our Wedding Band collection is also expanding - which is something we have been working on for a few months now. Designing and sampling is quite a process!

We had a few trunk shows across Australia planned, but unfortunately had to be postponed to next year - stay tuned!




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