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You may not know or realise it, but trust us when we say, we believe a photographer is truly the most important vendor you will have on your line up of vendors for your wedding day. If you haven't worked out why yet... they are the one who are going to not only capture the images that you will look back on and have framed in your home or your phone screen saver for the rest of your life, but its the way they capture the image and moments and the way they edit those moments that set them apart. And if there is one photographer who's going to stop you in your tracks and make your heart skip a beat - Eddie Blake from @rippleweddings is your man.

We first met Eddie back in 2018 when we styled up the incredible shoot for Rocklea Estate, and have been in touch since, to have him join our directory and be apart of the Lovestoned Family and share his talents has been so amazing. We then met up again when he filmed for us ( yes the legend not only shoots but films as well) our very own lovestoned editorial. To say we are besotted with Eddie and his skills is an understatement. We are so excited to be able to sit down one on one with Eddie, and have a short but sweet chat on his business and what makes him passionate and inspires him.

Take us back us back to the beginning, where does your story begin?

My old 9-5 marketing job eventually led me into editing a bunch of footage we got produced for us. I then picked up a camera and shot a friends wedding for free. Six years later, a few film courses under my belt, I’m here shooting commercial campaigns and weddings and loving every second. 

What does a typical day sound like when you’re on the job.

It all changes quite a bit whether I’m behind the lens or in the editing chair. I will say that about 75% of my time is either planning or post production.

Who is the “Ripple ” bride and how would you describe her?

Someone that is super chill and wants to celebrate her day with her husband and guests. We’re all about capturing moments rather than forcing couples to spend time with their photographer. 

Travel plays such a big role, whether it be domestic or international. Where has your job taken you that has blown your mind, destination or venue wise.

I’m very lucky that my partner (Lucie Weddings) is also in the same industry. Her work seriously rocks! Last year we visited America, Europe and Indonesia and documented some incredible love stories. I’m not one to travel alone so having her with me makes it all the more enjoyable. 

An added bonus of being in the wedding industry is getting to work alongside some epic creatives like yourself. Who are some that just brought the inner fan boy out?

I share an office with some seriously epic photographers in the wedding and fashion industry so they teach me a lot. It’s good to have people to bounce off and talk s&#t with at work haha. 

What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out and attract your clients?

That’s a hard question because I feel like most creatives are their own biggest critics - always striving to be better. If anything, most couples say they book us because of the feel of our photos/videos and our ability to seamlessly capture all the in between moments. 

What’s your favourite venue to work at and why?

Anything on the south coast is always a winner. We’ve shot a stack of weddings at The Boat House Group venues too - they always have their locations styled beautifully and their customer service goes way over and above. 

Favourite moment to capture and why?

You always get raw emotions during speeches so that’s always good. You can’t beat a candid moment between the couple under a golden sunset either!




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