Behind the Lens with Joseph Willis

We have long been an avid follower of Joey Willis and the incredible journey he can take one on through his images. You may not know his name but you will surely recognise the images that he has taken. Not only is he an incredible talented solo photographer but he has an incredible team of friends who all together have create Allume Weddings. But for now we sit down and get the low down on Mr Willis himself and who he is and what inspires him and drives him and his passion for photography,and we didn’t tell him but we think he has a weakness for brides in pink….. you will see why.


Take us back us back to the beginning, where does your story begin.

I have always played around with cameras growing up, especially video.  I dropped out of High School not knowing what I was going to do, but somehow knowing it wasn’t going to involve university.  I worked at a Telstra store for a year when a good friend of mine was about to tour around Australia with his band for a couple of months and asked if I wanted to join and shoot a few videos.  One week on the tour, I called work and quit and I guess that was the start of it all.

After that I shot all kinds of things, corporate, fashion, real estate... you name it.  I might add that I shot all those things quite terribly.  About a year in I did my first wedding. A few years later without really realising it, I had become a wedding photographer.  So it kind of was an accident or just happened organically I suppose.

What does a typical day sound like when you’re on the job.

Always good vibes and good energy.  I just turn up and the day runs itself, I just click a button!  It’s pretty wild to think I have been involved in one of the biggest days of anyone’s lives hundreds & hundreds of time.

Who is the “JOSEPH WILLIS ” bride and how would you describe her

Definitely a relaxed bride.  I’ve been super lucky to have had all amazing couples over the past 8 years and the number one thing that stands out, that every single one of them are mega chilled! They have faith in me to do my thing which makes my job so much easier.

Travel plays such a big role, whether it be domestic or international. Where has your job taken you that has blown your mind, destination or venue wise.

Travel has always been something I have been interested in so to be able to have traveled some of the world the past 5 years has been pretty special.  The craziest destination I have shot at would have been Jamaica.  It was just so text book (in the best way possible) it felt like I was in a movie.  The people are beautiful, the island is beautiful and the venue has been in the family for decades!  It was amazing!

An added bonus of being in the wedding industry is getting to work alongside some epic creatives like yourself. Who are some that just brought the inner fan girl/boy out.

I get to work with and meet some awesome creatives weekly… it's cool to have followed a few of their journey's over the past years and see how they have progressed and some of the images or films they create.   I try not to let the wedding industry overtake me so I like to shoot travel, portraits and some fashion work from time to time, I like to follow other creatives out there in all kind of creative industries that hopefully I can take a little piece of what I learn and bring it to weddings.

What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out and attract your clients

I think a lot of what we do comes down to the vibe we can adapt to and bring at each wedding.   It can sometimes get stressful and things do go wrong, so I think maybe I can adapt to a lot of situations and hopefully bring a good vibe and take a decent picture or two in the meantime. I think especially in the last 12-24 months, more than half of the weddings I shot have been through word of mouth, or couples that have attended previous weddings years prior.

What’s your favourite venue to work at and why

I love all the venues in Europe that I have shot at, so much history in these amazing buildings which are all so unique, which always allows for some really beautiful shots… plus there’s always good wines at the weddings ;)

Favourite moment to capture and why

Hmmm… I always like shooting grooms face the first time he sees his bride... you only have a second to capture it so when you get it, it’s a special moment.




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