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At the Mean Fidler. I was on a girls night out and Daniel was on a boy’s night. Embarrassingly, my girlfriend took it upon herself to approach Daniel on the other side of the dancefloor. She suggested he buy me a drink and come over and introduce himself. I was mortified when I realised what was happening. He had never bothered to buy a drink for a girl before but obliged on this occasion. The rest is history.


We were at the Top Of the Rock in New York late in the evening with a stunning view of the Empire State Building in the background. Daniel was lingering for way too long, and then he turned to me and I suddenly realised what was happening. I think my first words were “Oh Shit!.” He had had the ring box down his undies all night and then couldn’t get it out. So he proposed on one knee with his belt undone, shirt half out and pants falling down.


Finding a best friend to experience all that life has to offer with. The deepest, unconditional appreciation and love for the other and a commitment to learn and grow together.


Adelia Lune by Rue De Seine.

It was probably more of a ‘polished’ boho dress as it had a silky slip under with a lacey sheer over the top. The ‘v’ neckline of the slip was balanced by the v shaped split below. I was drawn to the bell sleeves with the tassels that dripped off the ends.


Billini . My heels had a clear circular heel and clear straps. I was happy for the shoes to blend in to allow the dress to be the standout element.


All the bridesmaids wore different dresses to reflect their individuality and tie in with the relaxed boho feel. I loved the ancient tradition of bridesmaids dressing like the bride to warn off evil spirits.


All different boots- they needed to be comfortable so the bridesmaids could dance all night.


Both were custom made. My wedding ring is probably a little art deco in style. Daniel’s was made to match his Dad’s Rolex watch that he is hoping to inherit one day!


I wore massive pendant earrings from Kitte that only peeked through my hair throughout the day.

My grandmother no longer sews so my cousin hand made my veil as a sentimental representation of my Grandmother. My Grandmother made all of my school uniforms growing up, my formal dresses and several of my cousin’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. It was a way for me to include that memory on the day.


All different blue suits.


I wore my hair down with messy waves. I wanted to keep it as simple and natural and relaxed as possible.

I wanted to keep my makeup and hair as simple and relaxed looking as possible.


I was mad for pampas grass, big leaves and dried grasses rather than pretty flowers so we had those scattered through the bouquets and a greenery installationrunning the full 15m length of the marquee.


It was a definite moment when we pulled away from the house in the old FJ Holden that I hadn’t sat in since my Uncle would take my Aunty and I on Sunday drives as a child.

Our black FJ Holden wedding car belonged to my Uncle who passed away several years ago. My Aunty almost sold it prior to the wedding but agreed to keep it until I got married. Their son stepped in to drive the car with my Aunty sitting in the front on the way to the church.


CEREMONY| St Anne’s Anglican Church, Ryde NSW

RECEPTION| Sydney College of the Arts, Kirkbride, Lillyfield NSW

Approx. 110 people. St Anne’s appealed to us as it’s a sandstone church with tonnes of history. Getting married in a Church with traditional vows was huge for us. It was important to find an Anglican Church that would let us celebrate both Daniel’s Catholic upbringing and my Anglican faith. Father Mick is a close family friend on Daniel’s side, and someone we both insisted on having play a meaningful part in the ceremony.


The entire bridal party danced on in to ‘Play That Funky Music’ by Wild Cherry

First dance was to Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together.’


We had a solo acoustic guitarist (Marc Malouf) as guests were arriving at the reception and the sun was setting. Voli K got the dancefloor pumping as the night went on. Marc was amazing and Voli K’s soulful mashups got everyone moving… they are aren’t the type of band to play all the Greece Lightning and Mickey type songs… thank goodness!


I put together several concept images of the look and feel we were wanting to achieve for each vendor. This was for everything from the marquee, the furniture, lighting, flowers and greenery, food, and the cake.


It was a little boho, but mostly we wanted to create a relaxed cocktail atmosphere with flexible furniture and a

grazing table with roaming canapes to encourage people to mingle and dance all night.

Having the reception inside four walls did not appeal to us. A clear marquee allowed us to embrace the sandstone architecture that surrounded us, the change from sunset to night sky, and the beautiful rain that trickled over the canopy above us.

I was mad for pampas grass, leaves and dried grasses rather than pretty flowers so we had those scattered through the bouquets and a greenery installationrunning the full 15m length of the marquee.


We used pallets to create the bar, the grazing table and lots of ottomans and side tables scattered throughout the space. The space was styled with Australian florals, dried grasses and palm fronds suspended the full length of the marquee as well as across the grazing table.


Daniel and I aren’t fussed on cake, but we love cheese. My nickname amongst Daniel’s family and friends is ‘Cheese.’ We gave The Caterer images and a description of what we wanted along with several figs, some raffia and had Daniel’s Aunty write the names and origins of each cheese in Calligraphy on a several cards. The Caterer then sourced the Cheese wheels and put it together to suit.


Cocktail. A long grazing table with roaming canapes throughout the night. Flexible, informal seating meant the furniture could be moved around to suit. We wanted everyone up and dancing all night, and most importantly to mingle. We had a bar serving beer, wine and champagne.


We made a website and sent digital invitations to all our guests so they could rsvp on the website. The website included google maps directions on how to get to the church and reception, photos of the bridal party and words on what they meant to us, and a short bio on how we all met.


I made a wishing well from a small plant greenhouse with cardboard letters inside, copper wire lighting and a couple of random twigs from a nearby park.


This Day Forward


We loved Taylor from Moon and Back’s humble, down to earth approach. He was spot on with capturing the relaxed look and feel of our day and we were so moved when we got our video clip back from him. The video clip was a natural free-flowing depiction of day and night. There were no cliché cringeworthy shots which we were grateful for. He was an absolute professional.


The videographer was brilliant- easy going, friendly, down to earth and captured the day better than we could have imagined.

The Caterer was fantastic. Everyone raved about the food and Daniel and I felt like a King and Queen with how the wait staff looked after us at the reception. We were polished and professional. The Caterer didn’t need much more than a couple of inspo images to create exactly what we needed.

The Music. This was another standout. Both Marc Malouf (Acoustic Guitarist) and Voli K (band) were impressive. They set the mood and atmosphere we wanted from start to finish.


The hard lesson I learnt was the result of constant advice and opinions on the small things. Outside of Wedding Vendors, most people dishing out advice have only organised a wedding once in their lifetime, so they are definitely no expert! So my advice would be- Don’t listen to others, trust your own judgement and wing it the best way you can!


Mexico for 3 weeks- Cancun, Playa Del Carman & Tulum.

We loved jumping in all the cenotes (sink holes) across Tulum- magical.

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